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5 Best Food Processor for Pie Crust and Pastry Dough 2022

A great pie starts with a tender, flaky, melt in your mouth, homemade pie crust. As with many baked goods, producing a good dough can be tricky. When you start with fresh ingredients and proper instruction, the task becomes much easier. With practice, you get a feel for the ingredients, the mixing and rolling, and the baking process. An ordinary pie can become extraordinary when the crust is perfect. In this article, we review the best food processor for pie crust and pastry making at home.

The right ingredients and careful preparation will yield the best results with any recipe, but it is especially true when making pie crusts. Using fresh ingredients makes a big difference in producing high-quality baked goods. With flour-based pie crusts, the best results are achieved when all the ingredients are ice cold before combining them, including the dry ingredients. After creating the dough, it is often a good idea to chill the dough before rolling it out to allow the dough to relax, and to firm the dough for easier shaping. Some pie dough will benefit from blind baking, or baking the dough for a short period of time to crisp it slightly before adding a liquid filling.

Are you looking for the best food processor for making pie crust? In this article, we have reviewed the best food processors for pastry making that you can use to prepare tasty foods for your loved ones.

Best Food Processor Pie Crust and Pastry Comparison Table

Product Name Price Amazon
best small food processor for pie crust  Oster Total Prep FPSTFP1355 Amazon Price
  Cuisinart Elite 14-Cup (FP-14DCN) Amazon Price
  Cuisinart Elite 14-Cup (FP-14DCN) Amazon Price
  KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor Amazon Price
  Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup Food Processor Amazon Price

Best Food Processors for Pastry and Pie Crust Making at Home Reviews

Oster Total Prep FPSTFP1355

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The Oster Total Prep food processor pie crust comes with a generous 10-cup work bowl ideal for various kitchen tasks like slicing, shredding and chopping ingredients. This unit performs as well as our best food processor for pie crust when it comes to kneading, grating and pureeing and delivers fast results. The unit requires little time to reduce ingredients to a usable state during meal preparation.

Furthermore, it features a simple design, making it easy to set up, operate, and clean. Also, it comes with a powerful 550-wat motor that guarantees that you will quickly process ingredients of varying toughness and size with precision and ease.

Also, this best Oster food processor pie crust comes equipped with a large capacity 10-cup bowl, and durable S-blade for chopping and mixing, a dough blade for kneading dough, and shredding and slicing disc for slicing and shredding food.

The powerful 500-watt motor offers more than enough power to handle many kitchen food prep tasks quickly and with ease. The front panel of this food processor features speed settings that allow for different cutting methods and consistencies when slicing, kneading, or chopping.

The disk and blades for this medium-sized food processor are easy to assemble and take apart, and the bowl itself is easy to clean. The unit requires little effort to disassemble for cleaning and comes with a three-year motor warranty against mechanical defects.

The Oster Total Prep is one of the best food processors for pastry that does an excellent job with cutting or chopping food. Coupled with its easy assembly, operation, disassembly, and cleaning, this unit performs basic food processing tasks without requiring you to break your bank in the process.

The Cuisinart Custom 14 DFP-14BCN is a powerful and versatile 14-cup food processor that offers near-perfect results when processing various ingredients. It features a simple design and adjustable blades, which lets you realize different textures when preparing food for your large family. This Cuisinart food processor outperforms many other models in its category, thanks to its compact and durable design. It comes with an S-blade ideal for chopping food like fruit, potatoes, hard cheese, and salad dressings and achieves incredible uniformity.

This machine is one of the best food processor for pie crust making and other foods. When it comes to performance, it will not disappoint. It provides consistent results due to its versatility. The S-blade, chopping/shredding disk and dough blade proves to be fully capable of achieving near-perfect uniformities. It comes with an adjustable slicing that allows you to get different textures on processed food.

After use, this top-rated food processor is easy to disassemble and clean. The unit comes with many parts but the simple design allows you to clean every fold and crevice with ease.

The unit comes with a single speed setting – pulse, which makes it simple to use. This way, you can the desired uniformity without worrying about different speeds. The Cuisinart Custom 14 comes equipped with an extra-large feed chute designed to accommodate a large fruits and vegetables without the need to precut. The large and small food pusher allows you to continuously feed ingredients to the feed chute while processing.

The unit comes with a five-year motor warranty and the entire unit is also covered by a three-year warranty.

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Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-14DCN Review

best food processor for making pastryCheck Price on Amazon 

The Cuisinart Elite 14-Cup (FP-14DCN) is a versatile and top-performance food processor made meticulously to process a variety of ingredients in your kitchen fast and with ease. This unit is among the best food processors for making pie crust, pizza dough, and other pastries, thanks to its powerful 1300-watt motor and durable parts.

This food processor for pastry making delivers consistently high results when shredding, chopping, slicing, and more.

This is among the best food processors for pie crust too, due to its ease of use and cleaning. The unit contains very few parts, making it easy to clean by hand. The bowl, lid, and blades are dishwasher-safe, though the manufacturer recommends the blades and disks to be cleaned by hand.

Furthermore, this pastry food processor is easy to use due to its simple button controls. It comes with a pulse and dough speed setting in addition to an on-speed that retains the blades rotating continuously when in operation. Setting up the work bowl and putting the blades or disks in place are also easy.

The simple, compact design of the attachable 14-cup work bowl adds to its handiness and simplicity of use. The design of this food processor enhances its exceptional performance with all kinds of food.

The 1,300-watt motor makes it the most powerful processor for bread dough and other foods. The high-rated power ensures this unit operates with the speeds necessary to cut hard and soft foods, and knead dough easily and quickly.

This food processor comes with three blades and two disks for pureeing, kneading, chopping, shredding, and cutting. You can adjust the blades and disks for thicker cuts, helping you avoid mushing soft food while processing.

The unit comes with a replacement warranty for the body and individual parts and  a 20-year motor warranty.

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KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor Pie Crust

best food processor for pastry makingCheck Price on Amazon 

Because of the hustle and bustle that most people are wrapped up in it is very difficult for one to find time to make food. That is why you will find a majority of working-class professionals who are not married going to eat out because it is convenient to do so. There is no substitute for a good home-cooked meal and that is why you will find them experiencing health problems later on because of eating a lot of fast food. While the schedules are very hectic, one can find a few minutes to make a dish that can eat comfortably. All one has to do is invest in a food processor. The beauty about having one is that it takes a relatively short time to prepare food than you would when you do it manually yourself.

Due to increasing demand of food processors, there are a lot of food processor models out there. People should be careful about what food processor for pastry model they buy. Hence, it necessitates them to do a thorough investigation of the various features and specs that each model has in order to make an informed decision.

KitchenAid has been around for over 80 years and has created a remarkable reputation for providing very high-quality appliances. That is why you can trust the KitchenAid KFP750PK 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processors to deliver as soon as you start using. Below is more information about this product.

The Food Processors is ideal for the busy professional who appreciates convenience in preparing his or her meals. Because of their hectic schedules, food processors are a welcomed relief. This food processor has the edge of being convenient and easy to use.

It is very easy to clean when compared to other food processor models. Most food processors face the danger of getting pieces of food stuck in the blades and other compartments. When this happens, cleaning it is a hassle that most people don’t want to take care of. However, with this food processor, you are assured of how cleanliness. The bowls are strong enough to be cleaned using a dishwasher. Thirdly, the presence of dual tubes attests to the fact that this printer is capable of handling foods of various sizes. This food Processor for making pie crust and pastry is also convenient to use because of its compact size. It has a very high performing motor which ensures work is done very quickly.

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Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup Food Processor for Pastry Review

food processor pie crustCheck Price on Amazon 

In the culinary world, the Cuisinart brand is synonymous with making well-engineered kitchen appliances that take the routine feel out of meal preparation and turns it into an art.

The Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup Food Processor is designed with innovations and features that rivals others in its class and category to give customers an impressive meal preparation experience.

Bearing in mind its overall design and capacity, the Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup Food Processor is the perfect answer to those who have space restrictions in their kitchens but still have to deal with a small- to medium-sized family to cater to.

Its compact structure and stylish looks will go well with just about any kitchen setting. The top performance is more than adequate to handle any cooking tasks.

The Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup Food Processor looks visually-stunning from every angle regardless of its compact frame.

The base that houses the powerful 600W motor is built from military-grade brushed stainless steel. This gives it a total weight of 12 pounds and a total dimension of 9.5″ x 7″ x 13″ when complete.

The machine also features an easy to clean touchpad control panel with a 2-speed setting. For bakers out there, it has an automatic speed adjustment to guarantee right dough consistency.

Sitting on the base is a one-piece Supreme wide mouth work bowl with a durable feed tube that allows for the effortless passage of vegetables and whole fruits.

The Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup capacity Lexan work bowl is built from tough polycarbonate material, making it shatterproof to prevent injuries from handling or slippage.

Other safety features include a locking feature to inhibit accidents. A nifty cord storage system underneath the unit is also added for less clutter after your kitchen tasks are done.

A 3-year limited warranty for the entire unit with a Cuisinart 10-year limited warranty on the motor offers users peace of mind in possession of the Cuisinart Prep Plus 9-cup food processor.

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Best Food Processor Making Pastry and Pie Crust Dough Reviews

One of the most versatile kitchen appliances, the food processor allows you to complete a variety of tasks, ranging from grinding coffee beans and chopping vegetables to mincing meat and pureeing potatoes and carrots. Although you can find different non-electric food processors on the market, you most probably want to get an electric device that can turn the aforementioned tasks into some very simple assignments.

Product Availability

Food processors for pie crust come in a wide range of models and sizes that can meet different culinary needs. Here are a few things you need to know about the types of processors available now.

Large Food Processors: These processors range from 7-cup to 14-cup bowl sizes. You should consider purchasing a large device if you cook large quantities of food at once. Typically, these machines ensure uniform slicing at record speeds, allowing you to save a lot of time and energy. A major drawback is that they require considerable counter space.

Small Food Processors: Similar to large food processors, small ones help homeowners prepare quick meals. Since small food processors range in size from 1 to 6 cups, they take up less space than large machines.

Before opting for a large or small food processor, it’s essential to decide exactly what size you need.

Tips For Buying the Best Food Processor

All food processors do the same tasks. However, you can process food consistently and quickly only if you choose one of the most powerful devices that range between 500W and 1000W. Besides power, you should take into account the following things:

Processing Functions:

Although most food processors provide similar functions, you can get the ones you need only if you check them one by one. Some of the most useful functions include chopping, pureeing, shredding, grinding, slicing, mixing, and kneading.

Speed Settings: Some machines provide different speed settings, allowing users to choose the most appropriate speeds for processing certain types of foods. Most of these devices also include a pulse option, which is very useful for crushing ice, and making dough.

Attachments: Typically, the extras a food processor includes vary according to its functions. Many devices provide a wide range of attachments appropriate for chopping, grinding, mixing, blending, whisking, and shredding. Some other attachments you may need include a built-in weighing scale, liquidizer, citrus press, and mill. Several processors also come along with innovative attachments that function as juicers or blenders.

Design: Although all food processors have the ability to chop, the long slender jar isn’t really appropriate for this function. If your recipes require a lot of chopping, consider getting another design.

Parts: If you’re planning to invest in a particular food processor, checking on parts’ availability is a good idea. If certain parts, such as replacement blades and jars, are difficult to find, look for another option.

Cleaning: A processor that comes along with removable dishwasher-safe parts can save you a lot of hassle. Some models also provide touch-pad controls that ensure ease of cleaning.

Budget: If you can’t afford to purchase a large and expensive processor, go for more compact models that provide some truly convenient and economical appliances. Even if you’ll expand to a larger and more expensive model later on, the small processor will remain invaluable in your kitchen.

Warranty: Long-term warranties usually accompany good-quality products that can withstand the test of time.

Now that you know all these things, take some time to check a few professional food processor reviews to discover the top industry leaders that manufacture the best food processors for pastry dough.



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